My Wife Hates Sex

My Wife Hates Sex: 4 Common Reasons Why

Your wife doesn’t hate sex; she just hates having sex with you! That should make you feel better, not worse. Knowing that your wife has the potential to enjoy sex should allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For instance, you may be thinking ‘my wife hates sex’, but if […]

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how to make your wife happy

How To Make Your Wife Happy In And Out Of Bed

There is a saying that says a happy wife equals a happy life, and that is definitely true to some extent. If your wife is unhappy in your marriage, then you and your marriage are going to be affected negatively as well. Article Table of ContentsShe Is The Only One Who Can Make Herself Truly […]

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online marriage counseling

Is Online Marriage Counseling Really Effective?

We turn to the Internet for a variety of answers in our lives. It really has become a place that offers us a wealth of information and allows us to connect with other people without having to leave the comfort of our own home. And it is not just information that is readily available online. […]

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Marriage Problems

Are Your Marriage Problems Worthy Of Divorce?

Everyone has marriage problems at one point or another, but some problems can eventually head towards divorce. Considering that almost half of all first-time marriages end in divorce, it is very likely that you could experience divorce if your issues don’t get fixed. Keep reading to find out if your marriage problems are worthy of […]

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How to be romantic with your wife

7 Tips On How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

A lack of romance in your marriage could be to blame for many issues, such as lack of sex and lack of emotional intimacy. Why? To women, romance signifies love. Being romantic shows that you care and value your wife, and when you stop being romantic with her, she will feel neglected and unloved, and […]

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